My approach

I look after children ranging from 0- 13 yrs. As well as local facilities such as shops. I am also situated close to the local primary school and the village pre-school. I have extremely strong links with staff at both and I regularly help out when they get stuck.


I have in the past been able to offer the use of my minibus as transport for the reception class at school and the pre-school. We took the children to a Chinese restaurant so that they could experience Chinese food which coincided with their topics of Chinese New Year. This also enabled me to let some of my minded children participate as well. They were able to try the food, but also to meet their future teacher and classmates hopefully making the transition from pre-school to primary school less scary and more understandable. I also let younger children join me for drop offs and pick ups so that they see the school or pre-school for the very same reason that they become familiar with the setting and so any transitions are not so daunting. 


The separate living room can be used for games, activities and can be a chill out area for the older children, which can benefit them so that they enjoy age appropriate activities without having to accommodate younger children all the time. However, the older children also have 'jobs' such as setting the table for dinner, organising coats in the hallway and helping the smaller children to wash hands. This gives them a sense of responsibility, but does not put the onous on them to care for younger children.

There is a snug attached to the kitchen which is a chill out area with a sofa and small TV. There is also lots of books for the children to access at all times.


My conservatory is used for all sorts including a wendy house, miniature kitchen which the children love to use for role play and an activity table which has a different activity every week from puzzles to dolls houses or farms. I have a wealth of resources which are in continuous rotation. This keeps the children’s interest, as well as there is always something different for them to play with, it lets them explore many different experiences and sections of their lives.


I have also built permanent gravel and sand pits in the garden, which are covered every night and used in good weather. These are only accessed when I or one of my staff is able to watch the children play to keep them safe. As well as these I have an extensive collection of outdoor toys including swings, slides, 2 large climbing frames, ride on toys, and a water tray,  which are all only used under supervision. This means the children can explore the garden space securely without me having to worry and they have a variety of toys to share and play together with building a strong sense of friendship too. They all learn to play together nicely whatever age they are.

I own 2 cats which the children enjoy caring for. I feel that keeping animals helps the children to learn how to treat animals properly and helps them to understand respect for creatures as well as fellow children and adults too.


I have a completely inclusive policy and all children are welcome at my setting, if you have any specific care requirements then please speak to me.


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