Baby's Days

We use a system called Baby's Days


The system will now generate invoices every month. It will calculate the hours your child does every month, so invoice date will be the last working day of every month. You will be able to confirm hours weekly on the register, you can leave us comments, you can see what everyone eats and where we go and for the younger ones you can see how they are progressing through the EYFS and less paper as you don’t have to sign anything!!

All parents will be able to login to the system securely to access and view only their Child’s diaries, progress, photo galleries, policies and invoices etc. and in addition leave notes within specific areas for us to respond to.

Below is a link to the general website: if you wish to find out more about the system.


When you start with us we will give you your username and password.


Parents can access their child’s EYFS and keep track of their developmental progress.


This website will still have photos under the parents login section.


we believe it’s going to give us better means of communication and record keeping and more information for you. 



Here is how you can access the Baby's Days system:


1)      Follow this link (or copy and paste it in to your web browser)


 You will need to enter your username and password which will have been sent to your email. You cannot alter your username or password yourself. (But, if you wish to change your username or password that is not a problem. Just email me what you would like it to be changed to and I will confirm when it has been altered)

3)      You will be asked to digitally sign some policies before you can enter the site, you just need to type your name.


4)      When you have done this you will see along the top of the page some headings. Feel free to click and have a browse around, but here is a short summary of each heading:


Home –this is a basic information page, telling you about the system.

Children – this is information about your child. If there is any information not correct please let me know.

Diaries – here we will write what your child has been up to every day – as much as possible! This is aimed more at the children who are with us all day, but I will try to update what we do as much as possible, equivalent to our weekly record on our website. You will be able to leave comments on the diary pages if you wish.

Progress – this is an area aimed at the younger children who are aged 0-5years. We put EYFS information on here for you to see.

Policies – these are the same policies we have at Sarah’s and cover all sorts of things, if you have any queries about a policy do ask.

Permissions – these are permissions similar to the ones I asked you to sign when your child started with us. If you can ‘sign’ or agree to them this will be a useful way of updating our files.  

Register – the actual weekly hours the children are at Sarah’s – NOT booked hours. You can confirm the times we have your child every week.

Bookkeeping – Invoices – this section is where you find your monthly invoice and it’s break down, including any credit/debits or vouchers you have added on or taken away. It has all details of how to pay at the bottom – payment methods are no different to before.

Galleries – this area will have general / group photos of everyone on it, (unless you have not given permission) it will be the area similar to the photos on our website.

Communicate – this will be where we create newsletters with general information about topics and things we need to let you all know about.

Menus – this is our weekly menu, as on our weekly record on the website.


I hope this explains all you need to know. If you have ANY problems logging in or questions about anything then please get in contact with me, I will be happy to help.

Contact me:


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