House Rules

We remember . . .


  • To take our shoes off indoors
  • To ask first
  • To consider other people’s feelings
  • To respect people for who they are
  • That name calling is very hurtful


  • To sit down with drinks and snacks
  • To tidy up before we get something else out
  • To be polite and remember our manners
  • To tell Sarah, Rachelle or Mark if we are not happy
  • That no one EVER hits, bites or hurts anyone here
  • To always tell the truth


  • Not to pick up babies and small children
  • To say “Sorry” if we hurt someone’s feelings
  • To always walk in the house
  • To be careful with Sarah’s house and furniture
  • Not to smoke anywhere on the premises (more for the Mums and Dads!)
  • And most important – TO HAVE FUN!!!!!

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