These are some extracts of references I have received from parents and local schools and pre-school.

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Many of my current parents are very happy for you to contact them and chat about how my setting works for their family, but rather than give out names and contact details here - once you have seen my setting and wish to proceed further then I can give you precise contact details.


These are some reviews that a handful of our parents have written recently.

Sarah is the best!

We were recommended to Sarah by several people living in our area, and deciding to put our children with Sarah, Mark and Rachelle has, without a doubt, been one of the best decisions we have made.

Our son (who has been with Sarah for 2 years, since he was a toddler) has flourished under Sarah’s care. He enjoys a really good mix of outdoor and indoor activities organised by Sarah, ranging from visits to the zoo, children’s farms, parks, the nature reserve to museums, toddler groups and doing arts and crafts and other age-appropriate activities. These experiences have really broadened his understanding of the world around him, and has helped him become comfortable quickly in a variety of different settings. He also joins Sarah for her school runs, and we attribute his smooth transition to pre-school in part to Sarah familiarising the children with the concept of school from an early age.

Our son’s social development has improved tremendously since joining Sarah’s. Being part of a group of children of varying ages means that, whilst he has a core group of children his age to play with, he is also very comfortable interacting with children of other ages which is great to see and something which we would not have got if we had put him with a nursery or with a nanny.

Sarah’s extensive experience in childcare shines through in everything she does and she is so helpful and flexible with us as parents that we really don’t know what we would do without her. From snippets of practical advice when your child is going through a difficult phase, to being flexible and understanding if the trains are running late to even helping potty train our son, Sarah has gone over and above her role as childminder.

Sarah is also very happy to look after babies from a young age and, when we gave birth to our daughter we were delighted to find that our son, having been taught by Sarah on how to behave around young babies, was so helpful, gentle and caring when his sister arrived on the scene. Our wonderful experience with Sarah meant that we did not hesitate to put our daughter into Sarah’s very capable hands. The love, care and attention that the children receive from Sarah, Mark and Rachelle is second to none and our children absolutely love their time there. We would recommend Sarah to anyone!

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

Sarah has been caring for our daughters for 6 years now since they were both babies. The care, comfort and love she shows each and every child in her care is amazing. My daughters come home from a day with Sarah talking about all the fun they've had with friends. To my mind one of the best things about Sarah's set-up is that the children play outside in some form every day - a trip to the zoo, the park, a PYO farm, her amazing garden. Sarah is so experienced and immediately reassuring. I am confident that there is no childcare scenario that she has not encountered and similarly trouble-shooted. I can honestly think of no one better to leave my children with and I dread the day when they no longer go to Sarah's.

  • 5 stars Overall
  • 5 stars Setting
  • 5 stars Cleanliness
  • 5 stars Food
  • 5 stars Communication

Our children are extremely happy at Sarah's Childminding service.   Their setting provides an opportunity to nurture happy, socially engaged, confident and well behaved children.  The children learn to be independent from an early age - including dressing and undressing, potty training and taking on and off their own shoes.  They are well prepared for school, and there is a close relationship with the village school which means that children are familiar with the school and know many of the pupils before they arrive.  The social interaction with the wide range of age groups means that our children are confident around older children as well as being familiar around their own ages and younger - it is tantamount to an extended family setting.  From a practical perspective, Sarah and Mark are very accommodating of practical arrangements which we find invaluable.

Sarah and the team work tirelessly to provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment for children.  Every effort is made to make sure the children have plenty of mentally stimulating activities as well as a variety of garden toys & play areas to run off any excess energy.  Sarah and the team play a crucial role in our families life.  Nothing is too much trouble but most of all the kids love being with very member of Sarah's team.
Sarah's Childminding Services don't just help look after our kids when we are at work. 
Sarah also: makes a positive contribution to the development of our children; is a source of a huge wealth of knowledge and experience which help us be better parents; is flexible and reliable and is, basically, the most crucial part of our support network. Even more so than Grandma!

We continue to appreciate your values and setting.  Each of the children with you is clearly treated both individually and with respect.  This means that both I and E love coming to you, despite their very different personalities.  They never say that they don’t want to come and positively celebrate the prospect of being able to spend a whole day with you, even in the Summer holidays.  We particularly value:

  • The wide ranging peer group that the children have – and that this includes your own children
  • The fact that they spend so much time outdoors, whatever the season
  • The wide range of activities and experiences that they have (Iris was the only one to recognise an apricot at Beavers last night because she’s “tried one at Sarah’s mummy”)
  • That the boundaries and principles that we demonstrate to the girls at home are replicated by you as a team

Our girls have now been with you for 3 years and are blossoming and we thank you for the time and commitment that you give to this growth when we are unable to be around.

I think that the fact that you are so incredibly flexible makes you stand out. This enables parents and children to get on with their routines knowing you are there. You are all amazing with the children and they all love this. M is always asking when she can come back. 
Nothing is too much to ask of you and the children seem to enjoy a structured day with you. You take them out to parks and zoos, not stuck in the house all day.
You also invest a lot of time and money in the children which is greatly appreciated. 
In terms of communication, I don't think there is ever too much, I think you have it just right though and enjoy seeing the Instagram pictures.
Firstly the care that you provide for the children - I always feel that the children's safety is paramount and that they are well looked after. The level of exercise and fresh air the children get and the fact that this is an integral part of their daily lives - this is v important to us. Communication - on a daily basis and if there are any problems then I feel the door is always open. Flexibility - this has helped us no end especially at the moment!
It is also important to us that the children are part of the local community and you have worked hard to provide this. This has been one of the factors that has made T move to primary school as seemless as possible.

S and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the times you have helped us out at very short notice. A and P love coming to yours for the day. We all love the recent addition of Instagram so we can see what the girls have been up to. 
When looking for a childminder we went to many people who didn't feel right. The day we met with Sarah, A was instantly comfortable and went off to play with the dolls house. P has been coming to you since she was 10 weeks old. When we collected her last week she didn't want to leave. Walked to the car and then ran back to the door to come back in. 
Thank you for helping our girls to grow and become more confident. 
I have recommended you to many people and will to many more I'm sure. 

Thanks for everything you have done for us in the past 3 years.



My 2 children have been looked after by Sarah for over a year now, starting at 8 months and 34 months. I found the whole process of finding a child minder very daunting. After meeting a few differnt minders I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed in Sarah's home, this has a massive impact on my children. They LOVE going, her home is far more fun and exciting than their own.

Sarah is a wealth of knowledge and I really value her support. As a busy working mum, Sarah has given me given me the flexiablity I needed to return to work, she has also saved the day on many occasions with last minute emergency child care. I would honestly be lost without her.

Highly Recommended!

Our son has been with Sarah for just over a year, and started when he was just 4 months old. The whole process of going back to work, and leaving my little boy with someone was made so much easier because of Sarah and her team. The fact that during those first few daunting months I'd receive a text message to let me know how our son was doing really made things so much easier.

I agree with the review from "Ivorys" - Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and has helped us to deal with being first time parents. I always feel able to ask Sarah for advice, and know that as a mum and childminder, she's experienced things first hand, so it's not some kind of idealistic response.

Sarah offer's incredible flexibility, and has been able to continuing caring for our son if we are delayed in collecting him for whatever reason. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Sarah and her team, and I'd highly recommend them.

We love Sarah

My children have grown up being cared for by Sarah. They love her and have enormous fun whilst in her and her team's care. Choosing Sarah means you find someone willing to really work in partnership with you to bring up your children to be happy, well behaved and confident individuals. Cannot recommend her highly enough

Perfect for us


Our daughter has now been with Sarah for just under a year having joined when she was 11 months old.
As any parent will tell you looking for the right childcare can be hard work, thankfully after having visited a few other childcare establishments we were lucky enough to come across Sarah and the team. As soon as we first visited it just ‘felt right’ and it is now sometimes hard to get our child to come home with us at the end of the day!
Sarah seems to have an innate understanding of the fact that not only is every child an individual but every parent has different needs too and these are all met with empathy and professionalism.
We would not be able to get the right balance for us were it not for the level of flexibility offered, Sarah makes our lives as parents that little bit easier and offers our little girl the continuity of care we wanted. Definitely to be recommended.



My 21 month old has been with Sarah since the summer and although I was nervous about finding the right child care for him, I have been delighted with how he has settled in.

Sarah and her team are great with the kids and it's great to see how well all the children get on and behave so well.

The most important thing for me was finding somebody I could trust completely and secondly I needed flexibility and Sarah and her team have been amazing. The moment I walked into Sarah's house I felt comfortable and I knew that James would be safe in her hands. I haven't heard of any child minder that is as accommodating as Sarah in terms of flexibility, she is just great and I would highly recommend her to all parents

Fantastic childcare


My two have been with Sarah for 3 years and have a great time in a wonderful, supportive home environment where kids thrive and grow into well rounded, confident and loving individuals.

Sarah is helpful, thoughtful and consistent, providing a flexible childcare facility in a great area for kids. It makes managing work and family so much easier and the availability of early drop off and later pick up, dealing with train delays etc without having to panic is a Godsend

Spot on


My daughter recently started 'BIG' school and as a working Mum I was overly concerned about how we could juggle childcare and, more importantly, who I could trust and feel comfortable with to take on this role.
I spoke to many Mums about my worries and various sources including led me to Sarahs door.

From the first time I contacted Sarah I have found her welcoming, unbelievably flexible, friendly, caring and my daughters happiness reassuring. The proof is in the pudding and upon Sarah's request I took my daughter for a visit to see whether she felt comfortable in Sarah's surroundings and company.

One thing I loved about Sarah's surroundings is that it provides a home from home environment, if the children are tired they can chill out on the sofa, if they want to draw or read they can and if they want to run around outside they can do that too. The surroundings provide the children with the autonomy of choice they have at home under excellent supervision.

My fears were totally unfounded, my daughter was at home immediately and the settling-in process was very smooth; so much so that when I did pick up on my day off my daughter asked me why I was doing it - she wanted Sarah!

Trust and flexibility in a caring, loving and thriving environment is all important and Sarah and her team provide this without question. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Sarah; holiday care is also on offer and the activities / outings Sarah offers the children is second to none.

One very happy and chilled out Mum!

Childminder versus Nursery user rating

My daughter had been in a very good nursery since she was 10 months old and my son since 6 months. When Grace started half day nursery classes at her primary school I needed to find an alternative and more flexible childcare solution. Sarah had been recommended to me by several people so I decided to move both the children to her (my son was 18 months and Grace was 3 1/2). It was the best move I could have made and I wished wholeheartedly that I had found her sooner.

Whilst I was very happy with nursery, Sarah has so much more to offer. When I used to pick the children up from nursery they were invariably 'frazzled' and tearful after a full on day. Sarah's is home from home and both children were noticeably more relaxed and rested being in a home environment with peaceful places to sleep or relax. Sarah also makes a real effort to take the children out to get fresh air and stimulation. Every day they go to different parks or playgroups and get lots of time outdoors in Sarah's really well equipped garden. Very importantly she can offer so much more flexibility than a nursery. If I am delayed on the train I no longer stress - she is always happy to hold on to them and will even bath them if I am really late. They love being together and I only have one pick-up.

There has never been a moment when I have regretted changing both children to Sarah's welcoming and loving home - I just wish I had used her from the beginnning!

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